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Fabric Architecture

Imagine graceful, luminescent curves or bold angular shapes. Anything can be accomplished with fabrics. There is no limit to a structure's social utility and the medium's grace. Ocean sails combines imagination and technology to create design solutions for the future.

The Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute's architect hired Steve Hollis to come up with an attractive but safety-conscious system for their interior railings (photo at right). In keeping with the marine theme, Hollis accomplished this by using s/s rigging wire and turnbuckles encapsulated in Textelene to give a smooth and visually pleasing look.

Residential Awnings
Stylish yet practical, today's awnings extend a living space. Awnings can be traditional or innovative, and can transform a home into an artistic masterpiece

Awnings that cover decks and patios create an environment that allows people to enjoy outdoor activities while avoiding excessive exposure to the elements.

Awnings that shade windows can cool an interior of a home or business by about 8 - 15 degrees. The exact amount of heat reduction depends on several factors including the window's exposure, color of the fabric and method of awning attachment.

Commercial Awnings
Today's commercial awnings are designed to meet specific objectives: identity, image and of course, protection from the elements.

Awnings provide a significant first impression. They are a unique way to attract customers and enrich a business. Creating a sense of excitement and festivity, awnings give a business round-the-clock visibility.

Ocean Sails combines functional excellence with visual appeal to accentuate any building.

Some of our previous projects have included:

> Cafe Lído dining area at Elbow Beach Resort
> Custom awnings for Total Home's Interior
    Design Showroom
> Custom structure and shade panels for Ace Building
> AT&T Awnings
> Pergola covers at The Reefs Hotel
> Corporation of Hamilton awnings on Front St.
> Retractable awning at the Ferry Terminal, Hamilton
> Recovering Crisson's awnings at various locations
> Entranceway awnings at FourWays Inn
> Recovering the frame at Cellular One on Reid Street
> The dining area at the Coconuts Restaurant
> Dozens of residential systems throughout Bermuda
> Car covers
> Sandbox covers
> Bulldozer window enclosures
> Industrial machine covers
> Instrument protectors
> Satellite dish cover
> Burial bags
> Dog hammocks
> Heavy machinery covers



Awnings that deploy on guy wires